Identify the 3-pin Sealectro power Connector from 454 scope for P6045 probe

Tom Li


I just purchased a vintage Tektronix P6045 FET probe online. It needs +/-12-volt
power and was designed to be powered from a 3-pin Sealectro power connector on
the 454/454A scope, or a 015-0073-00 power supply.

I'd like to use the probe with my digital scope and feed the +/-12-volt power
externally from my own power supply, without using the original one, however,
I cannot find this Sealectro socket to connect my probe.

TekWiki is unable to confirm it either, it says "The 015-0073-00 (power supply) has
a 3-pin probe power connector (Sealectro 55-850-0018-98?)", note the question mark,
and worse, I was unable to find that Sealectro part.

I asked at the EEVBlog Forum [0], and I was advised to replace the probe power cord.
Since it's an early probe, I'd like to keep it as-is, modifying the probe will be my
the last option, Any suggestion on the candidates for the power connector is

Tom Li


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