Re: PM for a working Tek 577 with D1 storage Curve Tracer

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

Generally speaking, there are no must do's for the 577.

They are very reliable.

Well, perhaps a few, if you have the storage version:

1) learn how to use it without burning the storage mesh
when in non store mode.
2) learn how to adjust the storage system for optimal
3) learn that even when performing optimally, storage
tubes aren't as nice as digital storage.

-Chuck Harris

Kevin Oconnor wrote:

There has been frequent postings on various repairs for broken 577 CTs. However, mine is working ok, given its age and typical senior citizen arthritis issues.
I don’t want to fix what ain’t broken, but it would be nice to have a list of:
1) must do - or it will explode
2) should do
3) when you have the time do

My 577 issues are buttons that don’t want to latch, pots that are scratchy, display zero moving around with selector setting changes. All things that I can live with.

Kevin KO3Y

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