7403N questions

Ed Breya

I recently picked up the cheapest 7K scope I ever got - ten bucks for a 7403N with three plug-ins, claimed to be working - but I found it to not be. For that price, I don't care. Presuming I can get it running again without too much grief, I can use the mainframe for a 7D01 or 7D20, IF there's enough juice available to run these power hogs. They make their own readouts, so the "N" (as in No readout built into the mainframe) doesn't matter. The plugs are a 7A18, 7A15A, and 7B50, all very beat up mechanically, but amazingly clean inside. I always save old plug-in carcasses to make custom units anyway, so they will go directly to the parts department. I have some questions then, on this mainframe:

1. Does the 7403N have any chance at all to properly run these big two- or three-wide plug-ins? I recall discussions regarding not having enough power in certain mainframes, so this is likely a major issue here.
2. Is it possible to field-add the readout function to this model? I think that on most higher-level "N" models, it can be fitted later, but I don't know if this one is so bare-bones that there's no provision for upgrading. I have lots of good spare RO boards and cabling, but don't know if the main interface board even has the connections available.


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