Re: 561B Recapping


I would be interested as well. — George

On Sep 15, 2019, at 1:17 PM, David Holland <david.w.holland@...> wrote:

Anyone recapped a Tektronix 561B, and have some pointers for capacitor
replacement specifications? (ESR/DF & ripple current ratings

Looking up the Tektronix part numbers will lead to NSN numbers, which
will give original manufacturers, (Sprague/Mallory), and purported
original part numbers, that I can not find references to.

There's nothing I'm aware of specifically wrong with the scope at the
moment, other than 47 years on those caps - based on the 1972 date
codes, and a serial # in the B19xxx range.

There is also 2 (of 3) tantalum capacitors that don't seem to be
de-rated particularly well (C11 & C31). - (Yes, they look like
tantalum, the NSN's say they are tant., and their tiny physical size
strongly implies it as well.)

I've a DER DE-5000 and a HV supply (Eico 950B) so I could pull them
and measure DF/ESR/leakage/etc to my hearts content, but if I'm going
to remove them, I'd just as soon put new caps back in circuit.

Suggestions? Comments? Cries of Derision?



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