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Hi Alan,

Let me be the first (of many) on TekScopes to congratulate you on winning the MDO scope. I was also less than impressed by all the ballyhoo when Tek chose to make a big deal of the Mixed Domain concept as something new. I've been mixing domains with 7000 scopes for years. There are other domains the MSO can't do that they chose to ignore because it would have deflated their marketing hype.

I am appalled that the people at the event have never see a CRT scope and that they would be amazed by the things you demonstrated to them. I'm reminded that "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." You did all of us a favor by sticking it to them about the capabilities of the older laboratory scopes.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I confirm - alive and well and taking medication for collecting obession.

The Oldest Tek Scope competition seems so long ago - I did not make any fuss at the time but it was quite an event - I have a 511 which did not work and was therefore disqualified (it does now), and was rather surprised that the 511AD won the day.

I do remember at the handover of the sexy new toy that the staff had never seen a CRT scope! I was pleased to show that a 555 with SA and signal PIs would do mixed domain, as would the 7854 with logic analyser
- the staff were amazed. My jibe about no real progress fell on deaf ears.

I also confess to buying the Fiches recently. I have not got them yet, but will see what we have and see if there is still enthusiasm in the UK to do some automated scanning. I have The Eddystone Radio Museum and Archive, and although I did not do the work, there was a panic when factory blueprints were not to be destroyed and were quickly microfiched. Well after the event the fiches were scanned, but these were individual schematics rather than pages of manuals, so maybe the Tek Fiche task is a much bigger job. But I am sure that we can assemble a small group to look at the challenge and share the outcome.



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