Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer HV Transformer winding

Chuck Harris

Just remember the ferrite is a ceramic mixture,
so it was once heated much hotter than your oven
will ever go.

Good gloves so you don't burn yourself, don't worry
about the winding. Soak it in the oven, and then
remove it and with two hands give the top half and
the bottom half a twist, like you were removing a
jar lid.

If that doesn't work, up the temperature.

If you break it, don't cry. A drop of thin crazy
glue, and carefully aligning it back together, and
you will never know you did it... electrically.

A dry trial fit is a good idea, and a little compressed
air to remove any extra bits of ferrite sand that may
be in the way of a good fit.

-Chuck Harris

Mlynch001 wrote:


I will try this again at a higher temp. You are very certainly right about this. I have not done any “practice” since I don’t have anything to practice on. I guess this is my “practice” piece? I’m going to cut the rest of the coil off and then go from there. I appreciate Chuck’s offer, but I really feel the need to try to do this on my own. I may break the core, I may be successful or, in the end, I may give up and send it to Chuck. If I break these ferrite cores, I may come crying to Chuck or others for a replacement set. I appreciate your advice and insight. One way or the other, I will get this thing fixed. It is a shame that one stupid part has disabled an otherwise functioning instrument. Before it “cuts off”, it works beautifully.


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