Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer HV Transformer winding


There are practice cores in most old electronics, which are everywhere
around here if you look.

In particular Old PC power supplies typically have one of similar size but
the wrong orientation.

I am under the opinion that if you break the core it may still be useable.
They have by design a fair gap in the center leg.
If you break the core you will most lily break off one side of the E
Then you just need to break the other side to match (that happened to me
Then glue back together with very slow epoxy using a machinist vise and
clamp to keep it square while squeezing it so the gap is as small as

I ended up with a gap in each leg that I thought was about less then 20% or
so of the gap in the center.

The core seemed to work well, but after awhile that attempt failed due to a
short. I think that I did not put in added space when the winding went from
two wires to one at the end of the coil which doubled the voltage difference
per layer.

Haven't tried to rewind after that attempt

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I will try this again at a higher temp. You are very certainly right about
this. I have not done any "practice" since I don't have anything to
practice on. I guess this is my "practice" piece? I'm going to cut the
rest of the coil off and then go from there. I appreciate Chuck's offer,
but I really feel the need to try to do this on my own. I may break the
core, I may be successful or, in the end, I may give up and send it to
Chuck. If I break these ferrite cores, I may come crying to Chuck or others
for a replacement set. I appreciate your advice and insight. One way or
the other, I will get this thing fixed. It is a shame that one stupid part
has disabled an otherwise functioning instrument. Before it "cuts off", it
works beautifully.


Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

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