Re: From 2014: Tektronix Announces Winner of Europe’s Oldest Working Oscilloscope Contest

Dave Daniel

Yes, after perusing my copy of "Oscilloscope Development, 1943-57" by Peter D. Hiscocks, I realize that one cannot beat a 511 as the earliest 'Tektronix 'scope.

When I was much younger, I had a Dumont 'scope that was given to me by an uncle who worked for Fisher Scientific. It did not have calibrated amplifier controls, which, at age 11 or so, confused me. I do not remember the model of that 'scope and I have wondered for years how old it was.

The original 511 was made available in 1948.


On 9/15/2019 9:56 AM, Chuck Harris wrote:
The 310 is close, but no cigar.

The 511 was the original Tek scope, the 511AD was a
later refined model, with a distributed vertical amplifier.

My working (?) 513D is probably older than Alan's 511AD.

I give it a ? because although I went over it completely
about 30 years ago, it has the selenium rectifiers, which
tend to turn into insulators.

According to Stan G's book:

511 last catalog 1952
511AD last catalog 1955
513 last catalog 1953
513D last catalog 1953

310 last catalog 1958
310A last catalod 1971

-Chuck Harris

Dave Daniel wrote:
Hmmm.. I have (and had back in 2014) a working 310.

As cool as an MDO would be, and not that I want a 'scope that I can't repair when
(not if) it breaks, but there have to be hundreds of owners of vintage Tektronix
'scopes out there that own working 'scopes that are older than the 511 cited in the
post, Europe or not.

I don't recall hearing of this "contest". It is weird that it did not come to light
while it was in progress. Does anyone have any information about the the contest itself?


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