Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer HV Transformer winding


I have split a number of transformers, A few thoughts

1, You should take Chuck up on the offer

2, But how are you getting the number 260F? oven dials can be way off and
the temp inside an oven can very considerably depending where you measure

I found the epoxy strength has a fairly quick transition, so its possible
that it's not hot enough.

Also a transformer cools very quickly and gets strong again so I would have
gloves, open oven, grab and give a quick twist, if it did not split, back in
and add a few more degrees.

I would call the move a shearing twist.

I too was a bit hesitant then practiced on some old power supply and TV
cores to get the hang of it, although clearly different epoxies are used
that break at different temps.


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The cores are universal among tekscopes.

I have never had one stick like you are describing. Epoxy
just isn't that good.

Send it to me, and I will remove it. If, in my zeal I should
happen to break it, I will send you another core.

I have two examples of the 576 EHT right on my desk, one black,
and one brown. Both were removed in the way I described.

-Chuck Harris

Mlynch001 wrote:

I have been reading all these posts about these transformers. Mine is
definitely bad and I need to attempt to rewind. People are all saying "no
problem, just heat them up and pull them apart". Well this is not working
for me. The bobbin and windings are loose on the core, they are not the
problem. The problem is that the core halves on my 576 HV Transformer are
stuck tight and I mean TIGHT! I have heated for an hour @ 260F, hot enough
that the epoxy just peeled off the windings, but those 2 halves of the core
are not budging. It is like they are welded or silver soldered. I can see
the split between the two halves of the core, but I'll be darned if they
will come apart. I have put some small chips in the cores, so I stopped
trying for now. The winding part does not scare me, but breaking the only
cores that I have scares the crap out of me. Any Ideas?

BTW, I would GLADLY pay $200 for another new transformer or a custom
rewind of the old one.


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