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Hi David.
Nobody on TekScopes has taken credit for winning the auction so isn't this a moot point?
Dennis Tillman W7PF

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Oh Christ! This is being over-though. Add all the maximum contributions together and make that a maximum bid. Others, not associates are welcome to bid higher. Someone on here that knows the group's maximum bid is also welcome to make an offer above that of the group and scarf all that data for themselves (evil laugh). It's an open auction. If you think the group is trying to collude to keep the price low, so be it, loose the auction.
Plus the seller should have set up a minimal acceptable offer. If he didn't, that's a mistake on his part.

On EBAY, I much, much prefer the "Buy me now" option, or "Make Offer"
option. I stay away from bidding auctions as I typically don't dedicate the time at the last seconds to enter a high bid. I have always lost the item that way. So as long as it hasn't has bids yet, if I really want the item, I just pay the "Buy me now" price.

Anyway, it is an auction and this is being over-though. I have been at estate auctions that people get together to agree not to bid against each other and the split the booty. Works great until someone else bids.

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To be clear, I’m no legal expert, although I do know when to avoid
something for its potential legal ramifications.

The fact that it’s not only an auction, but an auction which includes
offers, may indeed change things. (As long as it is listed as such on

The fact that the seller is aware that a group is trying to pool
resources to make an offer is good as long as the seller approves.

The major concern I would have is if it were listed exclusively as an
auction and people were conspiring to keep the sale price down. If
that were the case and eBay found out, they would definitely make a
case of it, and the seller would potentially be able to press charges as well.
Additionally, eBay would certainly contact Yahoo and shut this group
down, depriving every member of its resources.

Dennis Tillman W7PF
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