Re: 2440 what kind of battery

Dave Casey

It's a non rechargable lithium AA cell on the early scopes. Later scopes
use Dallas NVRAMs with internal coin cells.

Dave Casey

On Thu, Sep 12, 2019, 7:09 PM Robert Simpson via Groups.Io <go_boating_fast=> wrote:

The 2440 manual lists the lithium backup battery as primary. As was
pointed out elsewhere a primary battery is not rechargeable. So does the
2440 lithium backup battery need to be rechargeable and this is mislabeled,
or is the 2440 backup battery not rechargeable?

from the service manual
Component Tek Ser No Name & Desc Mfr. Code Mfr. Part No.
A12BT800 146-0062-01 B010100 B013314 BATTERY, PRIMARY:3.5V, 1.6AH, LITHIUM
8155 LTC-16P-CO-F-S

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