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I have a 7A18 with option 1 and the front panel is identical to any other 7A18. In the options sticker it has _"OPTION 1_ without readout" checked.

Inside, on the right side it lacks the 2 PCBs with the readout circuitry and there are shields over this side of the input attenuators.

The Identify buttons are present and operative, it displaces the trace up, but not "IDENTIFY" message is shown due to the lack of readout circuitry.

If anybody is interested in pictures, I can take some and post them in the photos section.

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Ignacio Cembreros, EB4APL

El 12/09/2019 a las 20:13, Dennis Tillman W7PF escribió:
Hi Ed,
Option 6 added the very useful Offset capability to the plugin.
Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I believe this "option 1" may be to replace the standard trace position pot with an offset function, kind of like in the 7A13, but only over a limited range. I vaguely recall that I have one of these, but didn't know it was different until I started using it - the trace positioning acted differently, and advantageously for some applications. I haven't seen it in a while, but I think each channel has dual concentric pots, instead of the single pot and "ID" button.


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