Re: 100 Tek Photos

Chuck Harris

Interesting how much of the office furniture, warehouse
equipment, benches, workspaces, etc, were tek built on
the cheap. Pegboard and 2x2 built office carrels...

Not meaning to be disparaging, but it looks like the stuff
my depression raised farm boy father used to make out of
wooden peach crates and pallets found around the back of
the supermarket... in other words, like my early childhood.

[I was 7 or 8 before I first sat, slept, ate, studied, or
played on anything my father didn't make by hand from
discarded materials, after work.... but I digress.]

It must have been a noisy, dusty, demoralizing environment for
the blue collar workers. And yet, they did some amazing work.

Probably the perfect distance from Washington, DC to get some
work done without interferrence.

-Chuck Harris

Kurt Rosenfeld wrote:

I didn't take the photos and don't know anything about them. All I did is scan them. Enjoy.

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