Re: 7A18 option1?

Albert Otten

That seems to be correct. Option 1 is mentioned in the 1971 catalog and deletes only the readout. 7A18N in 1973 catalog which explicitly states that Identify is only operative in the 7A18.


On Thu, Sep 12, 2019 at 08:38 AM, Dave Seiter wrote:

If my poor brain recalls correctly, the 7A18 option 1 is the same as 7A18N,
except that the "N" version does not have trace ID, while the option 1 does,
does that sound correct?  I have both as projects with missing parts, and I'm
wondering if I should just focus on the option 1 unit. (they are almost
identical; the only differences I can see are the pot assemblies and two

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