Re: 100 Tek Photos


Great photos! Thank you for making them available.

I noticed a few are reversed: photos 15, 35, 47, 48, 53, 73, 74, 160 and 167.

For those unfamiliar with the area, photo 47 is the main campus off Jenkins, view to the southwest. Photo 48 is the Wilsonville plant (Information Display Div), view to the south. And photo 65 is the Walker Road plant under construction (the Semiconductor and Memory Testers, and was it Logic Analyzers?), looking to the southwest.

At the main campus, at the front along Jenkins Road is building 39 on the left, 47 on the right. with 45 (cafeteria) between. Behind 47 is the 4 story Technical Center (bldg 50), with CRT to the left (46 and?), with the sky bridge between. At the top of 50 is the cafeteria. The large flat brick building to the right and back is Com Div's building 58 (TV products and Spec Analyzers). The two story on the right is Operations bldg 55. Just visible at the far left is a corner of building 19 (Accessories). I believe that's largely correct, others can tweak it.

I pleasant treat to see these pictures; thanks again.


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