Re: 7603 filter caps - ripple voltage and Adapters


Hi Roy,
Thank you ....

Nichicon and Panasonic brands are reputed to be good.
Everything else being equal, heat is the biggest enemy of Aluminum electroytics,
replacement of just the dead cap?? or replacement of all 7 filter caps on this Board?
Re Panasonic and Nichicon .....for that reason I was comparing Panasonic to EPCOS datasheets .... and as best as I understood how to, I found that at same uF, Temp, Voltage etc, there was little difference in Ripple current capability ... but my knowledge and experience here is thin.
Decided to go with the EPCOS caps as I can get a full set of them, in Australia, in about 1 week. I will re-cap the whole PS board (7 electrolytic caps) and measure the Ripple current ..... when loaded ... and see how that compares to the datasheet. I will also test the other caps when I get them out of the board.

Melbourne, Australia

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