Source located for 1n3717 tunnel diodes

Malcolm S <seraphim4000@...>

I've noted that these parts are becoming rare and insanely expensive. I
purchased four of these from Standard Supply Electronics in Salt Lake City
(who recently absorbed Ballard Electronics' stock) for a surprisingly low
price; they honored the pricing Ballard set years ago. (I resisted the
temptation to buy 'em all, and I hope the TekScopes group will as well.
Don't hoard these, as those of us who actually need them should not have to
pay the astronomically exorbitant prices set by National Semiconductor and
the like.) There are now eight of these diodes left in stock, but you will
not find them inventoried on the store's website. You will have to contact
them directly by phone and ask their sales department about them. I hope
this is helpful for some of you. --Malcolm

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