Re: Tektronix high voltage transformer rewind and vertical output for 7104

Mark Vincent

I contacted Sun Transformer by email and letter a month ago. Nothing from them. They had my email address, street address and telephone number so contact would be easy. I have contacted other people and places for some time before posting here. No one replied. I can only assume they lie about doing what they say they can do and/or have too much work and money already. Ignoring someone asking questions is sure way to drive that person away and get a well deserved bad reference. No money can be exchanged with this kind of attitude. Maybe someone will eventually say how much and the time frame to do the work. That one will likely get my business. It would be nice to see my 7904, 454 and 647A working. My 7934 is working fine. No need to rewind the transformers in my 7934. If anyone can make new transformers for the ones that commonly go bad (new cores, wire, insulation, etc.), that would be great. The 500 series were known for having breakdown problems.


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