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i have a reak tek 1a7a manual that came when i purchased my 1a7a maybe i could scan a little of it for you

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Hello Arthur,

Thank you for the information.

I have a faulty 1A7A that has problems. I haven't spent alot of time fault finding it yet and I only have the 1A7 manual (BAMA) as a reference.

I assumed the general layout would be similar but circuit references could be different.

All I have determined thus far is that pin 3 of connector P11 (vertical output signal) has 65.2VDC instead of 67VDC volts as indicated in the 1A7 manual.

Pin 1 of connector P11 has the correct voltage (67.5V DC)

Therefore there is an approximate 2.5VDC signal feeding the Vertical amplifier in my 535A Scope. I am not sure what effect this will have as I have very limited experience in fixing oscilloscopes but I believe this is sending the trace on my CRT off screen (up).

I cannot get the trace to appear on the CRT even adjusting the vertical position pot through its full travel.

I think I will need to find a copy of the 1A7A manual.

Thanks again for you help


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