Re: TN500 Plugin 067-0699-99

Dave Casey

Looks like the ohmeter probes are 2-pin Lemo similar to what Tek used in
other places with more pins. The connectors can still be bought, sometimes
at a decent price on eBay, so making up some probes should be pretty easy.

Dave Casey

On Fri, Sep 6, 2019 at 2:59 PM bobh@... <bobh@...> wrote:

These photos aren't good but give you an idea what it looks like
especially the front panel and connectors.?? I'll get some better pics
later for TekWiki.


On 9/5/2019 8:30 PM, Craig Sawyers wrote:
Does anyone have any information on a Tektronix TM500 plugin
I think that Tek parts designators that ended in -99 were in-house
calibration units. So it is likely
you will find it difficult to find a manual, or even the specification.

But the point has already been made - take a good series of front panel,
and internal shots with the
covers off and post them to Tekwiki.


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