535A CRT in a 575 - clever trick?


So thinking out loud here...It has been pretty well-documented here on the forum in various threads that the 535A scope CRT can be used in a 575 Curve Tracer with a little tweaking. (Pin 8 300vdc connection required, etc.)
The big limitation folks have noted is the 8 cm maximum vertical resolution caused by the closely spaced deflection plates in the 535A CRT. That physical restriction effectively limits the vertical resolution of the curve family at the extremes of the display...by a cm or two anyway.

OK crazy idea.

So, what if one rotated the 535A CRT 90 degrees in the housing and swapped the horizontal and vertical drive inputs to the tube? Wouldn’t that in effect give you a full 10 CM vertical range? (Since the “horizontal” range of the 535 CRT is 10CM... and when physically rotated 90 degrees it is now effectively the “vertical” display area - as far as the scope is concerned.

Of course your horizontal range will be restricted a little but isn’t that less of an issue when your curve tracing?

Or am I missing something here?


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