Re: TN500 Plugin 067-0699-99

Vince Vielhaber

I don't know what connectors are on your plugin, but milliohm meters
typically take a 4 wire probe set. Two wires from each probe tip to
individual plugs to the meter. Often a piece of coax, like RG174 is used
for the two wires to each tip. You can either buy or make the probes, I
made a set for my Polar Toneohm and it works great. Or you can buy them
for as much as a few hundred dollars - your choice!

Vince - K8ZW.

Does anyone have any information on a Tektronix TM500 plugin 067-0699-99?

It's a Milliohm-Voltmeter with a LCD front panel display.?? It has two
front panel Ohms connectors labeled Hi and Lo, a range switch (0.1, 1,
10, 100), Volts - Ohms switch, Volts jacks labeled Hi and Lo.?? It has
Tek serial number label.

A very cursory check on TekWiki didn't find anything. Unfortunately it
followed me home sans milliOhmeter probes.


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