Re: 576 HV transformer problems - something to ponder

Dave Wise

Fascinating diagnosis, Bruce. You give us another hard-to-spot failure mode to be alert to. It brings home the most basic test of any component, "Does it work in the circuit?".

Dave Wise

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Bruce, what a delight to see a reference to condensers.


John Ferguson, AI4TO

On 9/4/19 3:35 PM, greenboxmaven via Groups.Io wrote:
 ....As I reconnected each stage, the voltage incresed. Finally I
reconnected the 500 PFD "doorknob" condenser,and the voltage
plummited. Having worked on television receivers decades ago, I had
several replacement condensers on hand, and installing one brought the
scope to life with a dazzling trace. ....

      Bruce Gentry, KA2IVY

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