Re: Tek 468 $20 on CL in Austin


I guess we are pussyfooting around.

Have you contacted the seller with  an intend to obtain the item and MAYBE pass it on later?That is your  privilege, of course,

I assume you are near Austin,  which I am not,  and I do not want to drive over to find out it was "sold " on  "first come first serve basic."

The sellers have that option and use it at their discretion often. No issue here.


On Tuesday, September 3, 2019, 11:54:16 AM CDT, John Griessen <@jgriessen> wrote:

On 9/3/19 11:45 AM, vaclav_sal via Groups.Io wrote:
  Am I missing something  here?

are you the owner of the post in CL Austin ?
No.  See the post for that.

I cannot pickup and ship -- too busy.uess


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