Re: Tek 468 $20 on CL in Austin

Paul Amaranth

Brian is correct, that top piece is the control section for the digital
storage function. The LED is used to display values selected on the
waveform with small cursors. It is definitely not compatible with the
dm 4x boards.

The digital section is only good up to 10 MHz, but is still quite
useful. It is a good deal more complicated inside than a 465. It's
basically a 465 melded to a low bandwidth DSO. Sample memory is pretty
small, 512 I think. As an early DSO it's still pretty amazing what it
can do.

I have one, mostly working, in my repair queue.

At $20 I wouldn't be able to resist it, even for parts.


On Tue, Sep 03, 2019 at 06:57:41AM -0700, Brian Bloom via Groups.Io wrote:
The unit on the 468 isn't a DM44. AFAIK, the unit is custom to the 468's.

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