Re: Dead CRT on 2215A . Where to start?


I do own 48 V power supply...
While reading the manual " check the back of this manual for location of ( teat points)...
So far I have no clue how to find "the back of the manual".
Perhaps I need another pdf file ??It is not that easy to navigate this one, but better then nothing.

On Monday, September 2, 2019, 1:18:56 PM CDT, satbeginner <@satbeginner> wrote:

The 2215A is well known for its not so robust power supply.

Elimination is the way to go:

Remove the 3pin plug from the switching transistor and instead of using the first part of the power supply apply an external 42V DC power.

This way you know if the basic scope works, and/or if you need to dig in the pre-regulator.

I had several bad caps in the power supply.

Good luck,


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