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Lawrance A. Schneider

Hi Dennis,

The photos of the eBay post showed divisions and I saw a 2465 tab on those folders.

Thanks anyway, larry

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Hi Larry,

The fiche is like trying to drinking water from a fire hose.
How would I find what you are looking for in the pile I was given? A complete set of fiche covers just about every instrument Tek ever made.
Even if I had what you were looking for how would you read it and print it out?

The reality is that what I was given was a staggering pile of mostly useless (to me) fiche. One week I went through all of it and tossed all the stuff I had no interest in and/or none of the instruments those fiche covered. I still ended up with about 5 linear feet of fiche (well over 1,000) fiche) that I sorted into piles according to which instrument each fiche set was for. Next I created index tabs for each pile fiche and ordered the whole thing in alphabetical order. I bought a fiche reader so I could look for something if I needed to. That was about 6 to 8 years ago. The first few months I looked at some of the fiche and discovered that a lot of it was duplicates. In many cases Tek sends each field office a complete new set of fiche every quarter or every 6 months.

So even after culling all the stuff I had no interest in, I probably had 3 or 4 copies of every instrument set that I was interested in. I have no way of knowing if they were identical or not. How do I tell? Most times there was probably no difference in the fiche set for one instrument that was sent out 4/1/ 1978 and another set that was sent out 10/1/1979, 18 months later. But how do you know unless you do a page by page comparison.

If an instrument's fiche set has 4 fiche in it and each fiche has 30 pages from a service manual how long would it take to compare 120 fiche pages from one date set to another date set from 18 months later. I would have had to do that for the 250+ instruments I kept the fiche for.

I force myself to focus only on the 7000 series and the TM500/TM5000 series. I would have kept nothing else. I never had any interest in portable scopes like the 2465 or its derivatives.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the reply.

I was only volunteering were others willing to do so as well.

Is there a way of notifying what is available? I stumbled across a 2465BDM which I’ve wanted since I first saw one 40(?) years ago. I would love to make it into a museum piece. I’ve been scouring the web for all the info I can get and putting it into a disk drive I call Library. It contains all the stuffs I’ve acquired over the years on subjects I was/are presently interested. i.e. house building, farming, silviculture, boat building, electronics…..

If you have the fiche for the 2465BDM, might I borrow it? I just had my heart checked so provided I don’t think of something else to kill me, I promise to return it.

Thanks, larry

On Sep 2, 2019, at 2:10 PM, Dennis Tillman W7PF <@Dennis_Tillman_W7pF> wrote:

Hi Larry,

It would probably be best to save your money and pass on the fiche. I
would be very surprised if the museum didn't have the most
comprehensive collection of fiche sets. So the one on eBay is probably
not worth even the opening bid.

The devil is in the details on what to do about the fiche.

These fiche sets are everywhere. Tek issued them several times a year
to each field office. I have a set (several sets actually).
How would they be added to TekWiki? The solution to that problem is an
Automated Fiche Scanner.

A year ago several TekScopes members made very generous donations to
the vintageTEK Museum so they could buy an Automated Fiche Scanner.
Now that they have it they have slowly been scanning and publishing
the most important (in their estimation) fiche. There is a staggering
amount of fiche that still needs to be scanned and published.

The scanner is only part of the equation. OCR software has to go
through the scanned pages and clean up the errors. The OCR software is
great at correcting text but it is hopeless at correcting part
numbers. Text follows grammatical rules and OCR software relies on
these rules to make corrections but part numbers follow no rules at
all so the OCR software fails miserably at this task.

So the museum has the scanner, and they have the fiche, and they have
OCR software that reads text. What's missing is the manpower. The
museum runs on volunteers and for its entire existence volunteer labor
has been in short supply. That is not likely to change in the near future.

Unless, and until, someone is willing to devote the rest of their life
to scanning and publishing the fiche at the museum we need to be
patient. It is happening as fast as it can for now.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I would be more than happy to help in a group purchase of these files.
We could somehow add them to the Tekwiki site. Anyone else?


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