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Lawrance A. Schneider

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the reply.

I was only volunteering were others willing to do so as well.

Is there a way of notifying what is available? I stumbled across a 2465BDM which I’ve wanted since I first saw one 40(?) years ago. I would love to make it into a museum piece. I’ve been scouring the web for all the info I can get and putting it into a disk drive I call Library. It contains all the stuffs I’ve acquired over the years on subjects I was/are presently interested. i.e. house building, farming, silviculture, boat building, electronics…..

If you have the fiche for the 2465BDM, might I borrow it? I just had my heart checked so provided I don’t think of something else to kill me, I promise to return it.

Thanks, larry

On Sep 2, 2019, at 2:10 PM, Dennis Tillman W7PF <@Dennis_Tillman_W7pF> wrote:

Hi Larry,

It would probably be best to save your money and pass on the fiche. I would
be very surprised if the museum didn't have the most comprehensive
collection of fiche sets. So the one on eBay is probably not worth even the
opening bid.

The devil is in the details on what to do about the fiche.

These fiche sets are everywhere. Tek issued them several times a year to
each field office. I have a set (several sets actually).
How would they be added to TekWiki? The solution to that problem is an
Automated Fiche Scanner.

A year ago several TekScopes members made very generous donations to the
vintageTEK Museum so they could buy an Automated Fiche Scanner. Now that
they have it they have slowly been scanning and publishing the most
important (in their estimation) fiche. There is a staggering amount of fiche
that still needs to be scanned and published.

The scanner is only part of the equation. OCR software has to go through the
scanned pages and clean up the errors. The OCR software is great at
correcting text but it is hopeless at correcting part numbers. Text follows
grammatical rules and OCR software relies on these rules to make corrections
but part numbers follow no rules at all so the OCR software fails miserably
at this task.

So the museum has the scanner, and they have the fiche, and they have OCR
software that reads text. What's missing is the manpower. The museum runs on
volunteers and for its entire existence volunteer labor has been in short
supply. That is not likely to change in the near future.

Unless, and until, someone is willing to devote the rest of their life to
scanning and publishing the fiche at the museum we need to be patient. It is
happening as fast as it can for now.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I would be more than happy to help in a group purchase of these files. We
could somehow add them to the Tekwiki site. Anyone else?


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