Re: Defective 465: into the dumpster it goes!

Lawrance A. Schneider

Hi Michael and everyone following,

I’ve been following the tangent I seem to have started.

I don’t want to give the wrong impression. I’m fat, old and ugly; going on 75. My eyes no longer work as they did, nor my hands. i.e. if it is too small, I don’t even try. Magnifying glass - OK. Microscope - you’ve got to be kidding.

I do not buy a new computer ever other year - can’t afford to! I abhor Apple’s ‘we got the parts and you can’t have them’. I mention, I’m having the same type of problem with a HP power supply I’m working on - totally incomplete documentation. I buy and use and fix Apple products because they last - before I started this tangent, we were discussing a discarded scope and the lamenting thereof. I believe in buying good products, taking care of them, fixing if needed and passing the on when I die. I also lament the inability to repair much of the newer of the industry’s new products. However, as mentioned above I simply can’t if for no other reason than size; how many of us can?

I have an old Apple MacBook (2008?) that works fine; it has a Windows 7 partition and MacOS 10.9(?). I hate Windoze and only use it when I am forced to do so - engineering programs. I have a linux partition on it as well and use linux if possible to avoid Windozes. Sadly, I will be needing to put a partition on a newer MacBook Pro I use for school. The German class I’ll be taking “requires” a Win10 only program.

I fully understand the concept of “exploited Chinese workers”. HOWEVER, those Chinese workers WANT THOSE JOBS. My daughter speaks Chinese and has been to China four times. She sees what is happening there over time. The bone thin Chinese peasant is mostly a thing of the past. Are they working too hard? YES. Exploited? By whom?? Are they working lesserly hard than when they were peasant farmers? YES They want the jobs; I certainly do not want to deprive them of those jobs. I try to understand the trials of all peoples and try to respect their values. I may not agree with their values, government and culture, but whomever got to the place they are through their local history and culture - not mine.

Hope everyone has a good holiday, larry

On Sep 2, 2019, at 9:55 AM, Mlynch001 <@mlynch001> wrote:

I completely understand your position and wish that there was and alternative to both Google and Apple. I find the Android system to be less than ideal, and many people agree. I also do not like the fact that Google is one huge security leak as well as selling/stealing your information/data to anyone and everyone. I guess I despise GOOGLE more than Apple? Although I do not like the "closed" system that Apple uses, their devices just work better. That is a big plus for me and just my opinion. I simply do not wish to learn another system, since I am very familiar with Apple. That does not deter me from being super critical of the way that they do business.

Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

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