Re: Buying replacement tubes

Richard Knoppow

I vaguely remember using a 5AR4 as the rectifier for a tube amp I built maybe sixty years ago. It seems to me, without looking it up, it has a separate cathode and probably lower voltage drop than the filamentary cathode types. If some audiophile wants better B+ regulation silicon diodes are the way to go but a regulated power supply is better. OTOH, the DWP (power in Los Angeles) refused to install a solid silver pole pig here so I have given up on improving the supplies of my audio amplifiers. I wonder if you used a local generator for audio of the Fools would argue about the brand of gasoline (or diesel fuel) used to run it.

On 8/31/2019 2:45 PM, Phillip Potter wrote:
Hi Chuck,
While I was reading your comment to Jamie, I note with interest your suggestion that a 5AR4 is of little demand.? This tube number jogged my memory, and I found it easily in the Service Manual for my HP 200CD Signal Generator, where it is employed as a rectifier tube... I'm hoping that you're right about that, because I could use one for a spare. ;)
On 8/30/2019 6:45 PM, ChuckA wrote:
BTW a workable replacement for the 5AR4 is a 5V4 again a TV damper tube and very little demand outside of the TV collector community.
Richard Knoppow

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