Re: 11801C and the T1331 error: lost factory TB calibration data.

Reginald Beardsley

These are just toys for an old man. I bought my 11801 because of the CSA803A plots that you send out with your pulsers. I thought it was just *so* cool. I got lucky and picked up an 11801 with a bad NVRAM error for $145 delivered and a pair of SD-22s for $150 delivered. With some help from a UK member of the list I got the NVRAM replaced. To my delight it all works fine Except for the video display jitter I mentioned earlier.

I bought 4x SD-26 heads for $200 each, one of which would not calibrate correctly. The seller replaced it. Thursday I got my SD-24 which eliminates the issues of impedance mismatch using a tee to pick off reflections.

I bought the 4x SD-26s to measure timing skew for various DSP filter topologies implemented on a Zynq for use in a DSO. After spending some time with an MSOX3104T and RTM3104 I am quite underwhelmed by what you get for $20K. So rather than complain, I'm going to fix the issue by writing proper FW.

I have a 2nd 11801 sitting in CA at my sister's with an SD-22 or 26 head. I'm told one channel is wonky. but won't know for sure until I get it. I know it has an NVRAM error. I primarily got it as a parts mule.

About all I can think of right now to do with an SD-32 is check my Leo Bodnar pulsers ;-)

If I do get an SD-32 I'll try to build a faster rise time pulser than yours. I've read a bunch on non-linear pulse generators.

I have had more sheer fun fooling around doing completely insignificant experiments with this beast than any other piece of electronics I have ever owned. Partly this is because a transmission line is the EM analog to the 1D plane layered medium problem in reflection seismology. So it's *very* familiar. Being able to see on the screen things I have calculated in countless numerical simulations is just a blast.

Have Fun!

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