Re: Plug for 7CT1N captive lead?

Michael A. Terrell

You can grind off the crimp where the outer ring holds a washer and a
spring in place. Some can be clipped with heavy diagonal cutters, since the
crimp weakens the brass.A cutoff wheel in a Dremel or similar Roto-tool
works OK, as well.stick it on a BNC jack to hold it in place. A jack with a
square flange can be rotated as you cut each 90 degrees. A small drill
press vice is handy for tasks like this. I've used one to make cables for
decades. :)

On Sun, Aug 25, 2019 at 6:17 PM EJP <> wrote:

'Gaffer tape' was a joke actually. I will use heatshrink tubing on it.

I looked at the RJ58 plugs but cannot see how to get them apart.


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