Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer HV Transformer winding


Am I the "gentleman" in the 576 thread?

I asked a few questions, got the information and went along
asking a friend if he could print the bobbin. Then out of scrapped
stuff made a little manual winding machine
and used soft rubber grommets to keep the bobbin in place.

This was a very low-level thing IMHO not worth
any detailed description. "Quick and dirty"
No counting mechanism. I had to keep track of every
turn I made. I counted the number of turns on each layer
and wrote it down, adding up to the 1000 or so turns
for the HV-winding. Simple but time consuming.

I described how I separated the two core halfs.

The winding diagram was uploaded to KO4BB.

I described the special High Voltage winding process carefully
and I have seen this procedure quoted by others.

I might have some pictures of the bobbin
but anyone with a ruler
can determine the proper size for it.

Sorry if I have offended anyone.
Not my intention.


Ulf Kylenfall

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