Q: covers for 555 power supply?

Jim Strohm

Hi all

At the last swap fest I got a 555 scope power supply without covers. Does
anybody have covers for this, or for any unit with comparably sized covers?

I can provide dimensions for the covers. I can used slightly distressed
covers and I don't need a complete set -- I was just hoping to get close to
a complete top and side cover set. Also I would accept suggestions for
pieces I could modify to work, as I can do some sheetmetal work. My goal
is to make an external power supply for a radio amplifier.

Thanks and 73

PS, and completely unrelated -- my sister gifted me an old Amana microwave
oven, aid it looks like it would make a delightful chassis for an HF amp
utilizing a glass-envelope tube so you could see through the door and watch
the tube plate get red. Just a thought ...

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