Re: 11801C and the T1331 error: lost factory TB calibration data.

Reginald Beardsley

Wow!!! Leo, where did you find that information? Does anyone reading this know if any of them might have some schematics in a box some where? I'd really like to prevent these from all dying off for lack of repair data. And if you've worked around a packrat, you know who they are. So if someone recognizes the name of a packrat they worked with who might still be around, please drop me a private email.

I have been having a blast with my SD-24. Being able to see the SMA-F to SMA-M connection separately from the N-F to N-M connection on an adapter which is ~32 mm long is incredible. I could sort of manage it using the calibrator output and a tee, but the mismatch produced by parallel 50 ohm loads at the tee obscured things. Lots of reflections in the SMA tee to sort out.

It's especially fun for me coming from reflection seismology because I'm so used to interpreting time domain data in the frequency domain by inspection. I'm still getting used to having complex reflection coefficients instead of the pure real coefficients of elasticity, but the wave equation is still the same and transmission lines are *much* simpler than 3D.

All I need now is an SD-32 at a sensible price.

The jitter I'm referring to is video system jitter. It makes me very nervous not having any data for it. Can it be repaired without data? Sure, but that's a long slog even with very simple gear. And these are anything but simple.

BTW To return to the thread topic, has anyone investigated substituting a GPSDO for the timebase clock? It would seem to me that one of Leo's units would completely obviate the T1331 issue. But the errors might be gate and divider delays in which case it would be device specific. However, in that case I'd question whether they would be the same after 30 years.

Have Fun!

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