Re: P6139a with broken tip


On Sat, Aug 24, 2019 at 04:12 PM, Lawrance A. Schneider wrote:

Now the problem. The new system came with broken probes. My friend wanted
probes with the 2445B. Had I sold it on eBay, I would not have included the
probes. This sale was to a friend!

The P6139a probe was designed for that series of scopes. Tektronix does not
make the probe any longer. Tek no longer sells components for that probe. The
tip (206-0441-00 PROBE TIP ASSY 10X, 8.0 PF, 9 MEG) is what is broken; the
actual pin is missing.
The P6139A was designed for the 500 MHz TDS-series (TDS500 e.a.). The P6137 was designed for the 2465B.


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