Re: P6139a with broken tip

Stephen Hanselman

I will try, old farts disease, to check our spare parts box. We have about a cubic yard of scope probe parts, but I think I’ve looked for the 6139 stuff before. I’ll let you know and then drop them in an envelope for you if I have them.

Don’t need a few 465 style 1x/10x probes do you, we have about 150 of them.


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On Aug 24, 2019, at 07:12, Lawrance A. Schneider <> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I recently sold my ‘extra’ 2445B to a friend. It was a very good system - had had the fan replaced and was exceptionally clean; the caps all checked out etc… Why did I sell it? Money. I had been lucky and acquired a 2465BDM making the 2445B extra. The 2465BDM cost me money - strange how that works. While the new 2465BDM works well, I’ve not had a chance to change the fan nor check the power supply caps. I’ve only had it for two weeks.

Now the problem. The new system came with broken probes. My friend wanted probes with the 2445B. Had I sold it on eBay, I would not have included the probes. This sale was to a friend!

The P6139a probe was designed for that series of scopes. Tektronix does not make the probe any longer. Tek no longer sells components for that probe. The tip (206-0441-00 PROBE TIP ASSY 10X, 8.0 PF, 9 MEG) is what is broken; the actual pin is missing.

Should I try to replace the pin - has anyone ever done so?

I see on eBay Chinese probe tip knock offs for $40 - $50. Are they good? I also see that Probe Master sells: 5900 Oscilloscope Probe Kit, 500 MHz, 10X. They want $189!!!!

I have 2 functioning probes. Any suggestions?

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