Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer HV Transformer winding

Dave Wise

I agree. I used the same topology (layer winding with retrace) on my 453. Although it's no good for volume production, it's low-tech and accessible to the novice. See topic and photo album titled "453 HV Transformer Rewind". I built my winding machine from odds and ends, and I got a usable, reliable build on the first try even though I made mistakes.

But I cringe when I think of doing it again. I would, but only for love, not [reasonable] money. I wish Chuck Harris luck and skill getting his progressive process tuned again.

Dave Wise
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Rewinding such a transformer is not for the faint of heart, the nervous or the impatient person. I appreciate your ability to do this successfully.

Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

Winding some 1000 turns of 0.1mm copper wire the High-Voltage stylewas time consuming. Starting left to right ,each layer was insulated using capton tape.The copper wire was then braught back to to the startposition, hiddenunder yet some small pice of tape and the the next winding was startedfrom left to right.
This was made fully manually, just counting each layer and keepingtrack of the total number of turns.
Ulf KylenfallSM6GXV

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