Re: Tek 576 chatters

Bob Koller <testtech@...>

I suspect that the problem you originally mentioned is a result of the 100V being loaded by the lossy HV transformer, the symptoms are classic. These transformers are difficult to find, as so many failed.
If your CRT is bright, and the balance of the instrument is in at least good condition, it is worth finding a later s/n unit for parts, or making one out of two if you find a later one with a poor CRT.
The 577 is an option, they are much smaller and lighter, lower peak power, but better small current functionality. The storage version may appeal to some, but the storage CRT can be a problem if you get one with severe differential aging of the storage target, or weak flood guns. The writing gun may still be quite usable.
Personally, I have and use the 576, I guess because I have bought, sold and serviced at least 100 of them.

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