Re: 7000 series carrying handles - how strong are they?

Roy Thistle

On Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 05:54 PM, evan foss wrote:

I once carried a 7704A a little over a mile.
I've carried the 500s and 7000s, for long distances occasionally 1Km plus, and frequently carried them a couple of hundred meters.. and lots of times carried them 10 to 20 meters, from lab to lab, through the halls... or across the lab. (I know... there is a new invention called wheels; but, the scope carts are always jammed up with junk!) The only times a metal strap broke... and that was before I lifted the scope... the steel strap broke (just by pulling on it)... it was very obviously rotted and rusted through, . A couple of times, on the 500s, I braided a rope (1.5 mm rope/string) handle on, just so I could carry it... when I thought the rusty steel handle present might suddenly fail, under inconvenient circumstances.
That said... the steel strap is only as "strong", as the fittings it engages, and the bolts (screws really) that hold the whole assembly to the body of the scope. Checking those are sound, and will continue to be sound, seems prudent.
I get the willies too, wondering whether the handle is going to break, on these heavy scopes... but under the weight and strain, I quickly start to trust the steel, and I worry more about banging the front panel into something, and bending those little knobs!
I have a 1200 series Tek logic analyzer, that has a bail type handle... but it has one corner of the bottom compressed, upwards... like it was dropped, straight down, from letting go of the handle... and then the thing landing on just one corner... so how does that happen?... the handle is fine.

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