Re: General Radio 874 Connector, inner conductor "bendies"

Roy Thistle

On Sat, Aug 17, 2019 at 08:56 AM, Dale H. Cook wrote:

probably because they are AF, or RF units?
I found a 1001A that I though had a BNC output connector; but, it was an 874 to BNC adapter, inserted into the front panel 874.
I have some GR units, mostly older than 1950, mostly audio, 600 ohm stuff, I guess... mostly in wooden cabinets, so old I guess too... like a 546-C, with binding posts. (sometimes seen referred to 546-0, because of the front panel stenciling?).
Anyway, even though I have, and have run across GR stuff... my introduction to the 874 was on Tek stuff (like pulse gens, sample heads, and 7000 plugins)… which I was not interested in, at the time... so just made a note of that odd looking connector, on the front panel.
I guess that was just the peculiarity of my situation... which led me to think it was an old Tek connector, when it was really GR!
Best regards and wishes all.

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