Re: Tektronix Cables Found

Greg Muir

Aside from two understandable factors – no knowledge of what you are selling and a little greed, it is always amusing to see the wide variance in pricing of the same item on ePay. What I don’t understand is why sellers don’t first look at the prices of what is currently listed then adjust their price accordingly.

True some of these sellers may have been taken to the cleaners when they first purchased the item (if they did) and may be trying to recoup their expenditure plus a little profit but most of them are clueless about what sort of price it may bring.

Then there is the bottom feeders. When in Colorado an engineering friend of mine purchased an item for a reasonable price being sold by the seller in a nearby town. It looked to be in good condition in the photos and the seller used that well-worn cliché “removed from a working environment” (well, maybe there were people working there at the time but the equipment was broken). Anyway he decided to save on shipping and drove over to pick it up. When he opened it on site the innards had been cannibalized of certain components. He asked the seller where he picks his items up to which the seller walked over, rolled up his garage door exposing a pile of junk. The seller replied “dumpsters.” The money paid was returned.

End of story.


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