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Stephen Hanselman

I have a TDS-540C on my home bench. I have added the “New Scope” LCD screen to it. One down side is calibration, while the SPC internal test fixes some problems the only way to calibrate the scope is with the Tek software, there are no (except display) manual adjustments. As I have a Tek data manager I can do the cal but without that......

Having said that the TDS 5x, 6x,7x scopes are very good. Accurate, stable and can do interesting things such as capturing the overshoot spike made by most Ham transmitters on keying. A one time 100uS signal but the TDS grabs it every time.

If you’re in northern Cal and want to drive to Carson City we can throw the scope on my bench and run a cal on it.


Stephen Hanselman
Datagate Systems, LLC

On Aug 15, 2019, at 19:31, Mark Schoonover <> wrote:


I'm interested in purchasing my first scope and looking for opinions on the
TDS744A. I'm not interested in purchasing a Rigol/Siglent, etc - not that
they are bad scopes, I've used Teks before at different employers. It's
just that I'm not familiar with this particular model. It'll be used for
working on amateur radio related radios, experimentation and general
messing around :) I know it can be modified to a 1GHz scope and might do
that in the future.

Thanks for reading.

73! Mark KA6WKE

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