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Hi Nenad,
The diode bridge in the front end of the sampling head is extremely delicate. It doesn't take much to blow one out at which point there is nothing you can do except find another sampling head to replace it. 7S11s seem fairly rugged by comparison.

An untested 7S11 and S-6 for $200 does not sound like a good deal to me. It is too risky. If the seller said it works and was reputable then it would be a good price.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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I would like to hear from others what they do to make the 7S11/7T11
sampling plugins easier and more reliable to use.
Strange that nobody responded, summer vacations? I was really hoping to hear about this, I currently don't have the 7S11/7T11 but I'm considering getting them. What I do have is a 7S12 with S-4 and S-53, so I plan to move the S-4 to (future) 7S11 and find S-6 and S-52 for the 7S12.

Everything depends on getting the 7T11 to trigger.
Can it free run like the S-53? I suppose not, otherwise you'd hardly say it's difficult to set. With S-53 in 7S12 I set it to free run (Stability CW, Level CW, Slope +). The noise I get as a signal on the scope screen is enough for a good estimate of offset and amplitude. If both of these make sense I fiddle with the S-53 to trigger, and most of the time get it stable. My overall experience with 7000 series sampling plugins is limited, obviously 7S12 is not intended for general purpose sampling - requires a clumsy signal fork to sampling and trigger recognizer heads.

Just a few days ago on eBay there was a 7S11 with S-6 untested for $200, and it was gone pretty quick. I have no idea how realistic this price was, seeing it gone now surely does not make it easier...

Best Regards,
Nenad F.

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