Re: Tektronix Cables Found

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

Overnight the new listings for these current probes all jumped to over $100 and stayed there. This
seller had forced the asking price to jump almost 4X by what he did. After a while I stopped
the prices since I was not going to pay that for something I used to pay a lot less for. Prices for
things on eBay are now off the wall. $125 would be a bargain compared to what they are asking today.

Since then I have seen the same kind of thing happen with other items. But the opposite must happen
as well from time to time when the market adjusts the price down to a level where buyers see the
value of something and the demand starts to pick up. At the higher price there was no demand at all.

Dennis Tillman W7PF
It is a shame that Deane Kidd is no longer with us - he could always find what I was looking for no
matter how obscure, and on a few occasions asked for no money and shipped it free of charge (to the
UK). I am sure that he would have charged a fair price for a CT1 or CT2 independently of what the
current eBay pricing was.


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