Re: 2467B focus/astigmatism anomaly...

Chuck Harris

Hi Raymond,

The scope has been running all afternoon with the
capacitor removed, and frankly I can't even tell it
is gone... A lot of circuitry for such little affect.

However, the anomaly continues exactly as before.

I think it is time to pick on Q4432, Q4440, and all of
those high resistance resistors in the focus chain.

-Chuck Harris

Raymond Domp Frank wrote:

Hi Chuck,

On Sun, Aug 18, 2019 at 07:52 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:

C4403's intended purpose is to make moving changes to the
focus as the trace moves about on the screen.

Lifting one leg should stabilize the focus issues, if C4403,
or the dynamic focus circuitry, is part of the problem.
I'm curious, probably easy to do.


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