7000 series carrying handles - how strong are they?

Nenad Filipovic

Well I suppose this sounds silly, but I just can't get over it. This thin
metal sheet inside the handle is surely tough, high tensile strength steel,
but somehow subjectively it doesn't nearly impress as the rugged 465
handle, for example. In my head thin metal sheets tear and crack. Every
7000 handle end I inspected showed some minor bending around the hole where
it pulls against the main screw.

So my question is, has anyone ever had that handle crack or snap? 7000s are
no longer costly lab instruments handled with utmost care, today we use
them in our homes, shops... They get transported probably a lot more
frequently than they were intended to, possibly against some rules which
were in power back then, now forgotten or never even known. Should the
instrument be supported by your other hand from below?

I don't use my 7104 often, but when I do I need to carry and lift it on the
table. And every time I get shivers in my feet. Some reassurance would help.

Best Regards,
Nenad F.

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