Re: TDS460A Will not turn on?


Michael , I had this problem with a TDS420A that I bought on ebay . I feel I should join this discussion as so far no-one has suggested the cure that worked for mine . The first thing that anyone said to me was - re-cap the power supply . I had my doubts that it would work as I could see nothing wrong with any caps and not having an ESR meter I could not check them , I also discovered a burnt track under the pcb - the 0v return for the switching transistor
.After repairing the pcb and re-capping with 105C Panasonic caps , it worked first time I tried . I will look to that area if I come across that sort of problem in the future .

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I have swapped the power cords with my TDS360.  The issue seems to be the LVPS A25 board.  Power is getting to the board, but no low voltage rails come out the other end.  There are no schematics for the SMPS, which makes things even more difficult.  The diagnostic sections of the manuals are not very impressive, especially when compared with older TEKTRONIX manuals.  The lack of any schematics is doubly frustrating.
Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

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