Re: 5xx 'Scopes


On Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 11:16 AM, Jason A. wrote:

Hi Sean,

I completely understand. My recent purchase of a 7623A arrived with a broken
picture tube and looked like it had been dragged behind the jeep 50 miles over
rough terrain from the last battle in the last war. It was fairly well packed
too - a total loss as the shipper declined insurance on it. My assumption that
any carrier now will treat any shipment like the American Tourister Gorilla
(showing my age here)....

I just figured I'd mention it in case you might be headed this way with an
empty trunk any time soon. ;-)

Best regards,

Hi Jason,

I've had some good and bad experiences. The fellow I purchased my HP spectrum analyzers from double boxes everything and goes way overboard on packing it...never once yet has anything he sent me gotten damaged. On the other hand, my HP/Agilent 8664A sig gen got the right hand rack handle badly crushed by UPS despite similarly good packing. Luckily the rack handles were installed, or the whole right side of the panel would have be crushed and mangled no doubt.

However, I feel like that's not a risk I'd like to be taking with a likely irreplaceable (or very difficult to replace) piece of Tektronix history. I'd certainly be interested if I was closer though! Thanks!


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