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On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 11:24 AM, Dennis Tillman W7PF wrote:

EVERY Tek curve tracer, except for the limited plugin versions (7CT1N and
5CT1N) have two "sockets" to do A/B comparisons. This includes the 570 (vacuum
tube curve tracer), 575, 576, 577, and 370. The 576 and the 577 have similar
basic capabilities such as their maximum voltage (1,600V at 100mA, and 1,500V
at 200mA respectively), but differ significantly in other ways.

The 576 has an optional 176 high current "front porch" capable of testing
power transistors. The 576 has readouts (not on-screen) which assist casual
users in avoiding mistakes when making basic device measurements.

The 577 comes in a non-storage (577-D2) and storage 577-(D1) CRT version. It
has an optional 176 "front porch" which can test single, dual, or quad OpAmps,
SCRs, 3 Terminal Positive and Negative Voltage Regulators.

Both the 576 and the 577 were designed to make the majority of semiconductor
measurements that any circuit designer would be interested in quantifying. I
once asked Deane Kidd, when I was in his lab, which he recommended, 576 or
577. His answer was definitive: the 577 hands down. So that is what I found to
replace my 575 10 years ago. I have had both the 577-D2 and 577-D1 over the
years since and there is no question that the 577-D1 (storage) version has
more capabilities although the storage is tricky to adjust and is sometimes

I am now fortunate to own both a 576 and a 577 and all the optional "front
porches" so I can test just about anything.

Sean: I believe you are thinking of the low cost adapter board I designed to
test vacuum tubes on a Tek semiconductor curve tracer. My adapter is not
limited to the 576. It works on ANY Tek curve tracer (575, 576, 577, 7CT1N,
and 5CT1N). Contact me OFF-LIST at "dennis at ridesoft dot com" if you would
like a copy of the paper I wrote about testing vacuum tubes on Tek curve

Dennis Tillman W7PF
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Thanks to you and Chuck above, I stand corrected. I'll shoot you a message later today.


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